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  • W17 Comp/Crit Read/Think Literatur Sections 27W

    How does the course begin and end? Our focus on literary texts takes us into the narrative world in which dwells imaginary characters and settings, conflicts and causal relationships, symbols and images, points of view, and figures of speech such as metaphors and similes. This process, utilizing both creative and critical thinking skills, situates us in an arena to sharpen and practice critical reading and writing skills through developing interpretations about the meaning of literary texts. At the end of the quarter, you should emerge with analytical tools that you can apply to other academic courses. In addition, you have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of yourself and others and be able to apply what you learn to artistic or professional projects in the workplace, workshop, or community. Is this course really for you? How often do you get the chance to take a walk before answering a question posed by your instructor in a classroom setting? How often has the class ended before it was your turn to speak? If you are a critical thinker who likes to muse over a point, topic, or passage of literature before speaking up, this course is designed for you. If you have a passion for looking beneath surfaces, this course gives you a chance to exercise that passion. Important: Online classes require substantive participation. This means that if you do not regularly and thoughtfully participate in class activities defined in the by your instructor, you risk being dropped. This class is conducted exclusively on the web on the platform Canvas.

  • SOC 011 LM DEV

    This is a 5 unit class that is transferrable toall of the UC and Cal State Campuses and to acredited colleges across the country

  • S17 Introduction to Social Welfare Sections 01W

    This is a 5 unit class that is transferrable to all of the University of California and California State University campuses as well as to certified college campuses throughout the country