Course Syllabus

Introduction to Photography Winter 2016

 Kate Jordahl, Florence, Italy 2015

Kate Jordahl, Florence, Italy 2016

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Photo Five is a four unit class offered either on-campus hybrid –F005.01Y #30179 OR online F005.03W - #32775

  • Students enrolled in on-campus hybrid –F005.01Y #30179 section are required to participate in the following meetings/labs.

Three hours lecture - Tuesday from 10 am to 12:50 pm

Three hours laboratory per week–online instruction and participation

  • Students enrolled in the online section F005.03W - #32775 are required to participate weekly for 6 hours. These hours are in in addition to homework and reading.

Attendance and class participation:

It is important that you stay up-to-date on the class materials. We will cover new material each week and it is easy to fall behind. Your final grade will be affected by both your class attendance and the quality and quantity of your class participation.

Lab Hours:

In Photo 5, there are 3 hours per week of lab activity required. You will fulfill this lab portion by participation in the online classroom, field activities and photo sharing throughout the quarter.

Contact Information:

Office:.................. Rm. 6005 - Office phone: ...................... 650-949-7318 - E-mail: ......................
Office hours Winter 2016: Monday and Wednesday 5-7 pm, online and by appointment

I strive to respond to email within 12 hours on Monday through Friday unless noted in the Online Classroom or by announcement. I will sometimes be online on Saturday. I will not answer emails on Sunday.


Langford's Starting Photography, Phillip Andrews, Michael Langford 6th edition, 0240521102, Publisher: Focal Press-Elsevier, 2008 AND Class handouts (Readings will also give pages for the fifth edition if you already have a copy: Langford's Starting Photography, Phillip Andrews, Michael Langford 5th edition, ISBN 0-240-52056-4, Publisher: Focal Press-Elsevier, 2007)

Course Description:

A survey of the historical and practical aspects of photography as an art form. Students will be introduced to the use of light, composition and communication through images. Significant photographers from a diversity of backgrounds will inspire students in the practice of photography and developing an appreciation of the varied uses of the photographic image in our culture.

This class will be taught both online and on-campus. All students will use online classroom for lab activities, assignment submission and image sharing.


Cameras: Compact to DSLR

Cameras: Compact to DSLR

  • Camera
  • Extra Batteries for your camera as needed
  • Memory cards for your digital camera
  • Access to a reliable computer to participate in the online classroom
  • Tripod (recommended)


The student will be able to:

  1. Create photographs that demonstrate an understanding of light, color, and composition.
  2. Understand basic digital and traditional photographic techniques
  3. Compare and contrast different photographic styles and genre.
  4. Read and evaluate selected articles on photography-related topics.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of current photographic technology.
  6. Discuss and describe expanding visual awareness.
  7. Recognize the contributions made in this field by people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Student Learning Outcomes

1- Light/Color/Composition - A successful student will create photographs that demonstrate an understanding of light, color, and composition and communicate complex ideas.

2 – Contributions - A successful student will assess the contributions made in this field by people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.


All imagery in the assignments and project must be your original work done during this quarter. Assignments are due on the due dates as posted in the online classroom. Late assignments will be accepted up to two days late ONLY and will receive one letter grade penalty.


You must post something thoughtful to the class discussion and/or assignments each week to count toward your participation grade.  You may be dropped from the class if you are "absent" for a week and it is not an excused absence.


If you do not participate as indicated above, you may be dropped, but you are responsible for your enrollment and official status.  If you need to drop from this class, you are responsible to drop the class officially at Admission and Records. If you do not participate or submit assignments you will receive a failing grade.

Registration Deadlines

Deadlines for a refund, last day to drop without a grade, last day to file pass/no pass card and the last day to drop with a W are posted at and

Important Dates

January 18-Martin Luther King Holiday • Feb. 12-15 -Holiday: President's Days Holiday

Important Details:

My goal in this class is that each of you succeeds. Please discuss with me any disabilities or challenges you have in meeting the class requirements. We will work together to get you the assistance or the accommodations necessary for success.

Resources for Students

The Disability Resource Center

Financial Aid -

Foothill Online Learning -

Foothill College Library

Final Project:

The Final Project will present Twenty-five (25) images as a flickr album. You will post the link to this album in “Assignment, Tests and Surveys (AT&S).” These must be your best images photographed during this quarter. The photographs may be from assignments or from your independent work. Images will be graded on originality, treatment of subject matter, technical execution and final presentation. You should consider sequencing and organization of the set. Each image must have a short description to indicate which of the skills you learned from Photo Five they illustrate. You will also submit an essay of 300+ words about your final project in AT&S.

  • Twenty-five (25) images as a flickr album from this quarter
  • Short description for EACH image
  • Essay of 300+ words

DEADLINE: ALL Final Projects must be received by the deadline. NO LATE FINAL PROJECTS

Academic Honesty

Please review the information on academic honesty before we start. Click on “Academic Integrity” at this link: You might also review   Visit these page for details of this policy. You are responsible to submit your own work, use your own words, credit all quotes and work with integrity. Failure to do this will carry the significant consequences.


Participation/Discussion................................................. 20%

Weekly Quizzes............................................................. 10%

Assignments (Five Assignments)................................... 30%

Written paper(s) on selected topic in photography......... 20%

Final Project* ................................................................ 20%

Grade Scale

A+ 101+

A   100-90%

B    89-80%

C    79-70%

D   69-60%

F   59-0%

Pass/No Pass:

If you are busy and/or do not need a letter grade in this class, you might consider taking the class "Pass/No Pass." All you need is 350 points to get a Pass. To take the class "Pass/No Pass," you must file a petition directly with Admissions and Records early in the quarter. Do not miss the deadline if you wish to take the class "pass/no pass." (Please Note: A class taken pass/no pass CANNOT be used for a certificate or degree.)

Matrix for success in Introduction to Photography

It is up to you what grade you would like in this class. This class is a four-unit class requiring for 36 hours of lecture and 36 hours of lab time throughout the quarter of the on-campus class. Online you can expect to spend that same time in the "on-line classroom." For each hours of class meeting, you can expect to need 1 to 3 hours for homework and reading. That means you can expect as a student to need 120 to 240 hours in the quarter to complete this class. During a regular quarter, it means you must dedicate 10 to 20 hours per week. Plan your time and pace yourself.

Below is the matrix for succeeding in the Introduction to Photography class. You can excel and I am here to help you do it!

For an 'A'

Participate in class discussions thoughtfully

Submit assignments on time

Assignments will be creative, original and well conceived. They will demonstrate understanding of the concepts and skills as well as being visually interesting

Your best images will show true improvement and thoughtfulness and will be submitted in a professional manner for the final project.

For a 'B'

Participate in class discussions

Submit assignment on time

Assignments will be creative and original. They will show understanding of the concepts and skills.

Finish your best pieces for presentation in final project

For a 'C'

Participate in class discussions occasionally

Submit assignments

Assignments will show basic understanding of the concepts and skills.

Print and present your photographs for final project.


I don't think you will be working for a D or an F...and in any case you can figure out how to earn those grades on your own.

The above schedules and procedures in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.



Course Summary:

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